Debrifing Case Essay

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Debriefing Report
Kaimana Hindman-Vaughn
Criminal Justice Communications
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Agent Horowitz just received a phone call from Supervisor Agent Fallon that Mr. Alex
Rosamilla is in state custody for transporting 100 kilos of cocaine. He is now being transferred into federal custody. Supervisor Fallon asks Agent Horowitz to debrief Mr. Rosamilla at the federal court house.

I sat down to talk to Mr. Alex; “You know what I am here to do right?” he just sat there and nodded, soon after he said “I’ll tell you everything you need to know, if you can work a deal with my sentence.” I let him know right then and there “I cannot promise anything but depending on what your able to provide us with will determine
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There’s no turning back and what I know is going to destroy this whole operation, from the top to the very bottom will be effected” I let him know we will be able to do that but there won’t be any contact with anyone from his life now. He then goes to let me know he has a wife and kids and I let him know they will be relocated as well. He agrees and proceeds to tell me the latest about the drug deals. Alex says “There is a big deal going down in the next week and the shipment I was delivering was only a sample.” I ask” Who was that sample going to?” “Well I was on my way to Arizona to try to get them on the team but that don’t look like it’s going to work out due to certain situations at the moment, hahaha” Mr. Rosamilla I assure him that it will not be happening. He goes to say “ if I can get to do the drop I will be able to set up that the big deal get raided for the big score of 100,000,000 kilos of cocaine for each state.” I let him know that turning state evidence is something very serious and he must comply with everything asked or directed of him. I am recommending that Mr. Rosamilla be part of the operation of taking down Jason Perry so there is no suspicion of our involvement. When Mr. Rosamilla has cooperated with officials without any interferences then I recommend he serve a maximum of 3 years for his involvement and be relocated as well as his
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