Debt Is Not Only A Sum Of Money Owed For Money

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Do you want to learn the secret to being debt free? Is simple, make sure you have the winning numbers to the lottery. Debt is not only a sum of money owed for funds borrowed, but an actual impediment to the decisions we conduct concerning our education and our lives in general. Debt is considered to be the reason behind the headaches, the financial concerns, and mental stability of multiple individuals who day by day find themselves consumed in debt. In my case, debt would either be a factor I will be afraid of or an obstacle I must be willing to overcome. As I am growing older and becoming an adult, life decisions are coming along my path and I must commence fulfilling my dreams. During my high school years, I was devoted to my studies in pursuit of an exceptional outcome. My hard work and determination were recognized with a letter. Since, I always proved to myself and others that impossible truly means “I’m Possible.”As, I began the transition from being a high school student to being a full-time college student, my concern for financial needs begun to upsurge. As I applied for FAFSA, the free application for Federal Student Aid, I became apprehensive towards the amount of money I would be eligible for. For weeks, I was at ease and then, when the results arrived, what I was granted was simply absurd. Since then, I have fabricated a plan or strategy in my head that can somehow assist me in determining how I would pay off my student loans. Debt was a major concern when

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