Debtors and Creditors

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Nonetheless, irrespective of the number of plays that he did, mostly in collaboration with others, he was always confronted with legal issues pertaining to financial matters. He was also imprisoned and that too more than once. He was imprisoned for more than three years for the first time (Bellinger 240). Yet again, he found himself in debt of forty pounds in the year 1612 for which he was sent to King's Bench Prison for almost seven years. Because he was imprisoned for indebt issues, he developed negative feelings against the attitude of the king towards the people who were not able to pay their debt. When one reads his analysis, it is pretty clear that he was not fond of the government at that time. It is important here to mention the different kinds of debt. One kind of debt is the one that is forced on a person without that person being responsible for it, but is only a result of lack of concern towards financial matters. In his book The Lantern and the Candlelight, he has explained extensively the way of living of the people during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century. Moreover, he also writes about the injustice of the debtor's towards those who were in debt. When writers write about things that they have experienced themselves, there is a special…
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