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To people they can be just an unreachable goal
Or an unattainable desire.
They can beacons of hope
Or just simply just a wish you hope that comes true one day.
To some people they seem like silly thoughts
And things we should not waste our time on.
To others its they are only silver of hope they have lost all hope.
It can mean to others their goals or even how they want life to be.
Or just something that occurs when you fall asleep
To me
Dreams were the only thing that I had to hold onto when no one was there for me
They were there to help me to keep going and inspire me.
They were the only thing I had left to hold on
They gave me a reason to stay
Because even though they were just dreams
Those dreams showed me
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And help others. Your parents had you because they wanted you to be born and be able to pursue your dreams like they did.
And one of their dreams was to have a child.
Which means you helped accomplish a dream at such a young age.
I know most people look it at like that.
But you, yourself just being born and being alive is a dream come true for your parents.
Now all you have to is try to accomplish your dreams
And I know at times they seem so unreachable and unattainable.
And you feel like you are not good enough.
But trust me you are.
And you deserve to have your dream to come true.
Just don’t give up.
Trust me.
No matter how things bad get.
They get better.
And if you feel like you have nothing to live for.
Just think of the goal you want
Or your dream job
Or and idol you want to meet.
Whichever one of them might be to leave that horrid situation you are in.
Whatever your dream may be
It will come true with your hard work and that you keep fighting
In the end,after winning the battle to be happy.
One of the dreams will have come true for you by that time.
Which is what you wanted all long.
No matter how you got it.
All that matters was that dream came true Lastly the most important thing you need to do is do not give up on it.
And don’t give up on life.
Because in the end when there are no one else to save you or to help you.
Dreams will help you to
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