Decathlon China

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Name: Mariam Najeeb
Case Analysis: Decathlon China

Problem Statement:-
In the upcoming executive meeting Aaron Zhou the e-commerce department head has to persuade the CEO to dedicate more resources towards social media in order to increase online sales short term and market share in long term. So how can decathlon china use social media effectively to attract more customers online towards its brand? And what missing Framework Zhou should use to measure the effectiveness of using Social Media as a marketing tool?
Case Analysis:-
Decathlon was established in 1979, it’s a multinational French manufacturer and retailer of sports good. Decathlon is exercising its hundreds of retail shops in different parts of the world. Decathlon China
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Initially Decathlon China relied completely on traditional media for advertising such as bill boards, news papers, TV, radio and creating brand awareness among its potential customers.
The era of social media platforms is booming really fast and increasing usage of these platforms by the competing companies Decathlon E-commerce Head Aaron Zhou was concerned and decided to convince the CEO of the company to dedicate more of the resources in the social media world to push the sales and to increase brand awareness and brand engagement.
Since the target market of outdoor sporting goods in China ranges between ages 18 - 34 years who are active online users and represent 50 percent of the online user population as per June 2010 survey. Simultaneously the competitors online promotional schemes and use of online platform was about to bring a revolutionary change in the competitive landscape of the industry. Zhou was very concerned about the competitors who focused more on online sales so he consulted his team and did a thorough study of the social media platforms and Decathlon China’s current status in the Chinese online market.
China has local clones of the global social networking sites such as Face book, Twitter and YouTube because the global sites have been blocked in china by the government since 2009 due to political and security measures. These domestic social networking sites target only the Chinese population
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