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Simona Chelaru

Lucian Moisuc


Cluj Napoca



1. Why we choose Decathlon?

Have you ever been to Polus Center Cluj? It’s impossible not to see the big sign of the store Decathlon. Even though you don’t need something from the store, you enter just to take a look. You see nice people smiling, asking if you need any help, they also have a nice machine, near the cash register, with a big smiley face and a button. Each customer, if it’s satisfied with the services can press the button and they can count the happy customers.

You can find in the store anything you want related to sports,
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The customers have the choice to choose their products independently through a clear shelf layout and good product availability, but the company also offer advice, for

those who need, guaranteeing a swift passage through the tills. The store has sales assistants, technicians, customer service assistants, department managers etc.

3. Recruiting Practices

Nowadays, Human Resource Management is an important field which we have to take into consideration if we are a large company, because now we move to a more knowledge based and interactive global economy.

The freer economic environment of the twenty-first century, the reduction of restrictions on labor movement in areas such as the European Union, and the advent of new technology have combined to mean that many fledgling enterprises operate internationally almost as soon as they are established. There is a known fact that different nationalities do have different values and that these affect the way people organize, conduct and manage work.

HRM activities such as recruitment and selection, training and development, reward and performance appraisal, may all be affected by cultural values and practices in the respective host countries. Even though they have standardized HRM policies and practices through the world, we will analyze in this essay the way
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