Decathlon in China

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Decathlon in China

Decathlon is a French manufacturer and retailer of sporting goods, established in 1976. It provides to customers a wide range of products (clothing, shoes but also equipments) for more than sixteen different kinds of sports, from beginners to professionals. Through the years, Decathlon expanded its business abroad and in 2009, Decathlon had become the second top ranking sports retailer in Europe in terms of global sales. In addition to Europe, Decathlon had started to develop its own business in China, with a first retail store in 2003.
Since its introduction in the Chinese market as a sport retailer, Decathlon had seen a rapid and successful growth. Indeed, in
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Secondly, another challenge is to increase brand awareness and connect Decathlon China with its customers. To begin, we can see that no efforts are done to bring consumers to the Decathlon’s official website. As a result, Decathlon China should use specific online forums about sports, where people usually tell their purchasing experiences, ask questions, etc. and where Decathlon China could use banners to be visible and attractive. Decathlon China could also hire an employee who will be charged to share its “purchasing experiences at Decathlon China”, so as to convince people to have a closer look at Decathlon China when they are looking for sporting goods. In the same time, we can see that the competition is highly using social media to connect with their customers. Accordingly, Decathlon China should create a company fan page on Chinese local social media, and more specifically, Renren and Sina Weibo, as its target audience usually hang out on these social media. The Decathlon fan page should inform potential consumers, bring them to the official website, but also allow consumers to interact, ask questions directly to Decathlon. As a consequence, Decathlon China should also hire few employees to update its fan page frequently and answer very quickly to the questions of potential consumers to show their reactivity.
Thirdly, we
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