Decatur: A Fictional Narrative

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Once upon a time, in the middle of Decatur, lived a boy named Joe. Joe hated his life, hated where he lived, hated his school, and hated his family. He was a very angry person, and never found anything positive about his life. Nobody knew how he felt because he never talked to anybody, he stayed in his room and only went to school about twice a week. At this rate, he wasn’t going to graduate, but he didn’t care. He knew he could just be a garbage man and get paid about 16 dollars an hour. On this particular Wednesday, Joe decided to go to school. In last period, another boy named Mike pulled Joe’s chair out from under him when he was in the process of sitting down. Joe busted his head open, but he didn’t care for going to the hospital because…show more content…
This is real. C’mon now, I have places to be. Three wishes,” replied the Fairy. “Okay, wish number one. I wish my family would leave me alone. Number two, I wish Decatur wasn’t so dirty. And, number three, I wish Mike would get a taste of his own medicine,” said Joe. “Your wish is my command, Joe. But remember, I warned you!” she yelled. “What? Why do you keep saying--” before Joe could finish, the Fairy floated up into the air, converted back into the tornado of golden stars, and flew under Joe’s door. As Joe sat on his bed and thought about the events that had just occurred, he heard his stomach growl. How come my mom hasn’t called me down for dinner? He thought. He walked down stairs into the dining room, where he found his entire family eating dinner. Joe quickly noticed there was no table setting for him. “Uhm, guys? How come nobody called me down for dinner? And nobody set my spot?” Joe received no reply. Nobody even looked up at him. “How was your day, sweetheart?” Joe’s father asked his little sister, Lilly. “It was good, I was just tired and ready to come home to my parents and two brothers.” said Lilly’s small…show more content…
watching the news reporter talk about Mike’s family pressing charges on the nurse. They said Mike was near death. The nurse was interviewed and said she could have sworn she gave him the proper dose, and even if not that dose wasn’t enough to do that. But, she still apologized, and cried lots of I’m sorry tears. And here I am, standing here in front of the T.V. in everyone’s way, but unnoticed because I’m invisible to my family. I look to my right and see a truck vacumning the grass and dusting the curbs. As I look back in front of me, I see Mike’s poor family begging for hospital funds. I hate my life even more than I did before the fairy
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