Deception By Men And Women

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I am going to try and prove that Deception by men and women is true. I honestly believe that both genders tend to use it effectively. Deception is used to attract a mate. Strategies such as exaggerations of prestige, status, and income are used as forms of manipulation. Therefore, I am going to use personal experiences as well as evidence collected from friends to prove my argument to be true. Three years ago I was chatting with one of my close female friends regarding relationships. I asked her if she had ever tried online dating, she was quick to say yes, but her facial expression told the whole story. My friend at the time was 26 years old, and did not have a boyfriend, but had been through several breakups. As a result, she decided to give online dating a try. She had always been curious about trying it. However, after scrolling through several profiles, she was quickly drawn to a male who claimed to be 30 years old with a graduate degree. Furthermore, she spent about three weeks talking to him, they would go back and forth. After about a month or so talking, they decided to meet up to have dinner. However, after conversing with him for about ten minutes, she was quick to notice, that this guy had fooled her. The guy was not the age he claimed to be, he was more like around 40 years old. The degree he claimed to have had was a total lie. The only thing he did have was a vocational certificate in electrician trade. As my friend stated, “I cannot believe I fell for this
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