Deception In Greek

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The Royal House of Athens is broken down into five distinct and unique myths all surrounding a single mythological family in the city of Athens. Throughout the different myths, parallels of jealousy, regret, and deception can be drawn from each of the separate pieces. Jealousy and/or lust is usually the main cause of the tragedy, with one character falling in love or pursuing another and the other not accepting it. In an effort to get revenge, deception is often used to fool another character into doing something or believing something in order to benefit the other character. Following deception is regret, and the myth typically ends on a distressed note. In this collection of myths, each of these themes plays a major role in the tragedy of…show more content…
She was married to Cephalus, but in a turn of events the Goddess of Dawn fell in love with him and carried him off. Even still, Cephalus loved Procris more than the goddess, so she let him go, but upon returning, he tested Procris faith to him by disguising himself as another man. Once she found out, she was incredibly angry and left him, but he pursued her and found her. Once discovered, she eventually forgave him and for a long time they continued to live contently until one day while hunting Cephalus accidentally struck Procris with his spear. Leading from the third myth, the short myth of Orithyia and Boreas introduces one of Procris sisters, Orithyia. It is said that the North Wind Boreas fell in love with Orithyia, but the family and the people of Athens opposed the marriage because of the previous tragedies that had been inflicted upon their lives. Relentless, the North Wind swept Orithyia away one day, and they had two sons, Zetes and Calais, who would go on the Quest of the Golden Fleece. The final myth surrounds the sister of both Procris and Orithyia, Creusa, who also faced a life of misfortune. When she was young, Apollo found her and abducted her, and she bore a son that she promptly left him to die. After many years, when she was trying to conceive a child with her husband, she met her son, Ion, in the temple of Apollo. Ion continuously denied the fact
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