Deception On Three Messages From D. H. Lawrence's Rocking Horse

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Rocking Horse Deception
(A Discussion on Three Messages from D.H. Lawrence’s Rocking Horse)

There are times in life when one relies only on what they know. One can always hope for change, but the habit in their mind is not easily broken and it is far too late for any major, drastic alterations. Along with this constant relying on an object or other human beings, comes the responsibility to eventually pay for the consequences that may be entitled to the action. Owning up to a mistake or taking full responsibility has become something pushed aside in society. Yet, there is no getting away from earth eventually taking its toll. The characters in the story of Rocking Horse learn this lesson as they eventually learn the dangers of the field that they were not taking responsibility in. In D.H. Lawrence’s Rocking Horse, three main messages found include economic principles, dealings with luck, and family circumstances.
To start, a main message of dealing with the
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Lawrence portrays the message and a differing view of luck in Rocking Horse. This is a very bold and controversial topic in society. One either believes in luck, or thinks there is no such thing. If there is an initial belief in luck it goes on to continue and further split into a debate between good and bad luck. The mother in this story believes that her husband has very bad luck and therefore because of him, she has bad luck as well. Luck is also referred to as money in the story. The little Paul asks his mother on page 1248, “Is luck money mother” She responds and goes on to say, “It’s what causes you to have money. That’s why it’s better to be born lucky than rich. If you’re rich, you may lose your money. But if you’re lucky, you will always get more money.” This statement suggests that the mother does not believe in making their own means, everything is made in pure luck. This idea is what pushes her son to eventually be lost in the thought of good luck driving his family’s
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