Deception-Personal Narrative

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The whole town was regarding me as some sort of hussie. Most of the people around me believed the fact that my husband was long passed and yet, they condemned me. They must not have understood what I had endured. I had overcome so many trials and tribulations, yet they persecuted me for a slip of judgement. That prison cell offered nothing but respite from the judging gaze that the others had taken to giving me. My daughter and I were waiting until the rest of our punishment was given to us. I worried about my safety, but moreso my dear baby’s. I didn’t know what they would do to her and I hoped it was nothing too severe. My escort to punishment arrived as I got my bearings back. I had finally gotten to feel the sunlight on my skin after however long I had been in that cell.
The town beadle escorted me out of my cell and out the doors, a crowd of annoyed women and stoic men awaiting my exit from the prison. I could hear the women shouting about how my punishment was too lenient and what they suggested as alternatives. As I continued on down the parted path of people that had
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The memories that were flooding back combined with the sudden presence of this… This long-lost companion of mine were almost crippling. I cannot call him a lover for there was no love in my heart for him. He stood there, staring directly into the depths of my soul and the guilt fired up even more. He ended up engaged in a conversation with a townsman, undoubtedly holding a conversation about my crimes. My preoccupation with my thoughts was cut short when my name was uttered from somewhere around me. I turned to look at those calling me and listened to him offer an ultimatum. I chose the latter option of my pastor and paramour insisting that I say his name without directly stating as much. My refusal was met by a guilty gaze as he withdrew from his
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