Decidification Of Ocean Pollution

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As our Oceans begin to saturate from Human’s carbon dioxide pollution, its marine inhabitants suffer as a consequence of our ignorance. Rises in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels result in ocean acidification affecting the marine life inhabiting areas such as coral reefs, which are also being bleached by the change in carbon dioxide levels. Current studies led by marine biologists suggest the ocean's carbon dioxide levels are off balance and are destroying the marine ecosystems, by stunting fish growth as well as bleaching the coral. Ocean acidification has changed the ocean for the worse, or so it seems. Other evidence suggests marine life can adapt to the change in the oceans acidification level, but not all species will be fortunate enough to acquire evolutionary advancements. On-going atmospheric carbon dioxide pollution will continue to saturate our oceans and change the marine life that inhabits it. Humans must strictly govern pollution as well as instate fishing policies to protect our oceans and the marine life being neglected by humans who are simply ignorant of the crisis at hand.
In the beginning, our oceans evolved along-side the planets inhabitants changing over time during its existence on Earth. Studies led by San Francisco State University suggest human industrial pollution is changing our oceans drastically. Jonathon H. Stillman from the Department of Biology in San Francisco State University reminds us of the future devastation ocean acidification can bring

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