Deciding The Next Steps For A Voip Supplier

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Deciding the Next Steps for a VoIP Supplier

1. Staying with the current plan
2. Closing down the company
3. Selling the company
4. Slowing down the rate of growth
5. Asking for a 90-day extension to take care of the cash flow problem
6. Reduce expenses
7. Other possibilities
8. References

Staying with the current plan The current plan entails the implementation of the Phase II Plan, which entails the development of an intensive marketing strategy aimed at attracting more small business entities to purchase the commodities offered by the company. According to the management function of the company, the plan has the potential to enhance the performance of the company. However, the leadership function of the company, particularly the board of directors, share the sentiment that the company should have already attained the breakeven point; hence, the plan should not be executed. From a critical perspective, the company has reduced its revenue losses since the execution of the Phase I Plan; thus, there is a likelihood that the second phase will result in the attainment of the breakeven point. The company reported a loss of $88,000 in 2005, and it predicted the loss margin to go down to $66,000 in 2006 (“, Inc.,” 2007). Analysts in the business have already revealed that the VoIP supplier process has a high potential of gaining popularity as business entities start looking into developing affordable data

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