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A Introduction has just been hired on at Shuzworld Inc, in the company’s strategic planning department. Shuzworld Inc. is a family owned footwear manufacturer, which is trying to position itself for future growth in the extremely competitive footwear industry. Shuzworld Inc. operates three manufacturing facilities in China; its main plant is in Shanghai, with two other facilities in Hangzhou and Fuzhou. Shuzworld Inc. corporate headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska, which is where Kaleb Sturm will be working in the strategic planning department (Mindedge, 2014). Kaleb learn on his first day of work the details of his job assignment at Shuzworld Inc. The company has some operational shortfalls that need addressed in its…show more content…
Finally, Kaleb would need to take all the tasks to produce the product and assign them to the workstation by following rules such as; keeping the sequencing logical, avoiding idle time, if the task takes longer than the desired cycle time break the task into two workstations performing the same task, along with a long list of rules concerning task time and number of following task. Luckily for Kaleb he was able to plug all the data in to Excel OM and the line balancing calculated by the program (Heizer & Render, 2010). (MindEdge, 2014). The Excel OM line balancing program suggests that the number of work stations can be reduced from eight to one incorporating tasks A-H into the same workstation. The program also suggests that the plant should reduce the cycle time to 46 minutes, from the original sixty minutes; this would elevate fourteen minutes of idle time and improve efficiency to 100% on the work boot assembly line, at the Shanghai plant. Kaleb has done what he set out to do so far on this part of his job assignment at Shuzworld Shanghai Plant, he has defined the proper number of workstations as one, he has shown them how to improve efficiency on the assemble line and has given the management team a metric through the Excel OM output to be able to understand the changes that need to take

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