Decision Analysis Study

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Decision Analysis Study

Decision Analysis Study


This paper will Be providinG a memo that includes many Tasks related To project planning and operations management. All memos are present accordingly to the separated tasks discussed. We will be using the case study of “Shuzworld”. As the operations consultant for Shuzworld, we will be following all the tasks and then will provide Recommendations by analyzing the problems given in the task prompts. We will also apply the appropriate decision analysis tool to make reliable and valid Recommendations.

Task 4

Part A

In this task we will be providing whether Shuzworld should build the proposed stand-alone store, the strip mall store, or not proceed with construction, by
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The profitability problem is one of the most important problems of future profitability when opening a new store process and is the important content of the course of operation management. By recommending the use of this crucial tool, we need to understand, that this will give Shuzworld a direction, to which one of the three options is the best (the stand-alone option, opening of a brand new store or to do nothing now) for the most cost-effectively and profitability option.
Also I am recommending this tool, because the decision tree analysis process, which are of great importance in the industrial production of high quantity standardized products (Shoes, sandals, etc) and lately has gained importance in the low volume production of customized products. Due to the high capital requirements when looking for the opening of a new store, decision tree analysis is of great relevance for the manufacturing business. Because of it, this attracted the attention of the manufacturing industry, who tried to support practical cost-effectively analysis by using the proper profitability models.
Now, we will analyzed, which one of the three options is the most cost effective and profitable, than the other two. To finally be able to make the proper recommendation. We need to find out, which one of the exact EMV, in which process (option), will become more cost-effective and

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