Decision And Delivering Feedback Is Important For Individuals And The Organization

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Considering that seeking and delivering feedback is important for individuals and the organization, I wanted to further discuss the issue and asked him: “What are the sources of feedback in your organization?” Mr. Luo explained that managers, such as him, received feedback from supervisors, peers, and subordinates; sales persons received feedback from managers, peers, as well as customers. This practice conforms to multisource feedback, also known as 360-degree feedback in our textbook. Did he have safeguards to make multisource feedback safe and effective? Mr. Luo explained that every three months, the organization would evaluate each employee and seek feedback from the boss, immediate supervisor, and common staff as well as customers. The feedback is made anonymous to protect the safety of employee with less power and the evaluation result is confidential to save face of recipients. The textbook also emphasizes that anonymity is essential for the honesty and usefulness of the feedback. B. Analyze a risky situation After talking about risky trends in the workplace, I asked Mr. Luo if he could provide a detailed example of risky situation he had faced on the job. Mr. Luo said that he faced a risky situation when he proposed an innovative idea in order to fight with the increasing challenge brought by online shopping. He thought that providing a comfortable place with free coffee and Wi-Fi in Metersbonwe’s retail stores would be an effective way to attract customers. I asked

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