Decision By Graham Allison

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In 1971, Graham Allison published The Essences of Decision, in which he suggested three perspectives one might use to analyze a major decision (Nahavandi, Denhardt, Denhardt, & Aristigueta, 2015). These three perspectives allow every decision to have a potentially different outcome depending on which is used to make the decisions. The rational model, the organizational process model, and the governmental politics model or collaborative models have been used to analyze many different decisions. Out of the three options for analyzing major decisions the best suited for answering the question of whether it is worth increasing to 18,000 tests per period to accommodate rising demand from the current 12,000 test per period would be the rational model. The rational model is a cognitive process which weighs the outcomes and alternatives though a step by step process allowing emotion to be set aside (Rational Decision Making Process, 2015). This process is comprised of five steps which help individuals or groups come to a final qualified decision. The first step is the pre-analysis phase; this includes identifying and defining the situation as well as the desired end results. There are many options available to an individual or group decision maker when it comes to this step. . Utilizing a focus group or brainstorming can give the final decision maker the most reasonable and well thought out options available. Regarding the decision at hand there are many variables that
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