Decision Concerning The Syrian Refugee Crisis

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As the U.S. struggles to come to a decision concerning the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the problem continues to grow in other parts of the world. This past November, the U. N. reached out to America, asking the country to honor their traditions and accept Syrian Refugees into the county to set an example for the rest of the world (Oren). However, fear of attack has made many countries more cautious and more likely to close their doors to Syrian refugees. Also, because America is taking so long to intervene, places such as Europe, North Africa and Asia are having to deal with the overflow of refugees. This means that they have to face the bulk of the problems that come with refugees as well, including the threat of future attacks, and immigrants slipping into the countries illegally.There are also many countries that have refused to take refugees, these countries include: Poland (Poland), Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia, some of the wealthiest countries in the middle east, have not offered to take in any Syrian Refugees, because these countries are already Islamized, and accepting refugees could lead to conflict. Russia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea are also wealthy nations, but they have not accepted any refugees either, because they don’t want the conflict to be brought to their countries (The). Aside from Poland, european countries have made great strides when it comes to…

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