Decision-Making: A Case Of Ineffective Children

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Isaac was born November 17, 1998. She indicated that there were complications during the delivery. Ms. Choi stated that she and the child were in the intensive care unit after the birth.
The history of decision-making was discussed with the mother. She indicated that first pediatrician was recommended by the hospital. Ms. Choi reported when the family moved back to New York City, she found a new pediatrician. She indicated that she has been satisfied with the quality of care provided by the pediatrician. The children’s immunizations are up to date.

Ms. Choi reported that the children have been healthy with only minor medical issues. She indicated that she generally takes the children to all appointments.

Ms. Choi stated that Isaac has been healthy with no medical issues.
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She indicated that the parent met with several physicians and they all believed that the child had a flu. The mother reported that the parents were living Upstate New York at the time. Ms. Choi reported that the sought out another physician in New York City. She indicated that they were sent to a specialist who indicated that the child had large adenoids and believe that flu symptoms were really the adenoid. The mother reported that the child’s adenoids were removed and there has been no other issues medical issues for the
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