Decision Making A Good Decision Maker

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‘Decision Making’ is the “ability to take the right decisions in given situations, to take responsibility and be accountable for them to understand the consequences of particular courses of action” (Pettingger 2010). It is an action that occurs in everyday life by every individual regardless of his or her personal differences. Everyone faces scenarios where decisions have to make, big or small, a decision still has to be made. Individuals have their own reasoning behind the decisions they make and it is suitable to their own dilemma, but often groups have to make decisions together which involves a lot of discussion as well as compromising situations in order to come to an agreement. Time has allowed the theory of ‘decision making’ to be researched and from this various theories have arisen explaining the reasoning and processes behind decisions being made and this background has allowed a greater understanding of what makes an accurate decision maker. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast on the question of what exactly makes a good decision maker whilst drawing on ideas from different theorists to further explain this. The three levels of decision-making behavior, which occur, are in an organizational, group and individual. There are different types of theoretical models and strategic approaches which help explain how an organization, group and individuals can be influenced in making their decisions in the best possible way. This review begins by
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