Decision Making A Job Opportunity Away From Home Essay

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Without hesitation, I will admit that decision making is not my greatest strength because I always found great struggle in the process of figuring out a decision. For example, every morning I get up, and I stand in front of my closet for ten minutes going through my clothes trying to find something to wear. Being the indecisive person that I am, that ten minutes feels like an eternity. It is evident that I struggle with making simple everyday decisions. That being said, I find it even more challenging to make big life decisions. In this paper, I will discuss how I had to decide if pursuing a job opportunity away from home was worth it while waiting to see if I would be accepted into graduate school while incorporating the internal and external listening that helped aide in the decision making process. I will explain this decision making process through mode 3 of Sparough, Manney, and Hipskind’s book What’s Your Decision? How to make choices with confidence and clarity: An Ignatian approach to decision making. Background Information Once I graduated from university, I thought my life would fall into place naturally, but I was completely wrong. Life, as it is for everybody, has been such a struggle. I came back from home after completing two months of post graduate service to help my family, but ever since I have come back, I felt stuck. Nothing was going right, and I felt like a failure. I applied to various jobs, and I was turned down by every single one. I was
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