Decision Making An Effective Decision

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Decision-making is an important process. It can be a task, which needs a simple decision to be made or a difficult situation involving several issues. In difficult situations, there may be uncertainty and complexities, wherein there may be interrelated factors that could lead to high-risk consequences, the impact of the decision made could be very important. Every situation will have its own set of uncertainties and consequences. Interpersonal issues too come in the way of making an effective decision, as it is difficult to predict how people will react to different situations.

If there is an effective process, even complex decisions can be made efficiently. Logical processes would lead to consistent and quality decision making. In order to make a decision, information has to be gathered. Plans should be made and past experiences should be considered. If past experiences show that the plan would not work, it is not good to go with that idea. When a plan is formulated after considering past experiences and with a strong sense that it would work this time, it would work. If it doesn’t work the plan is changed and a new one is formulated. Ideas and plans keep changing before a final decision is made.

A Decision model is a tool that is used to perceive, organize and manage business logic behind a business decision. The decision model helps in providing a framework for organizing business rules into well-formed decision-based structures that are predictable, stable, can be…
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