Decision Making : An Evaluation

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Generating potential solutions, evaluating the solutions, deciding, checking the decisions and communicating and implementing the decisions were the six areas covered during the quiz (Mind Tools, 2014). Decisions made at the strategic, routine, project/non-routine, or operational levels have different impacts (CSU-Global, 2014) and consequences if not managed properly. This paper will address each of the six areas evaluated, discuss the four levels that decisions are made and show my improvement plan to improve this competency.

Survey Results

Results from the decision-making skills test show that while I have a good understanding of the basics, there are areas of improvement to enhance my decision-making skills. One factor is to be more proactive when making decisions. Learning to outline options and discovering risk and consequences before making a decision is important. Critical thinking skills are also essential when making strategic decisions. In my current position, decisions are made on a daily basis and at various levels. The type of decision to be made is dependent on the issue at hand.

The Importance of Tone

Establishing the tone or environment helps everyone understand what the rules of engagement are when seeking a decision. Understanding the real issue is important before making any type of decision. Having a well-defined objective will ensure the right issue is being discussed and not some hidden issue someone is influencing their own…
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