Decision Making Classification Of Terms Of Art And Science

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From CH7; 2. I would say that decision making should be considered as a combination of both science and art as it basically involves scientific logic implementations along with the facts as well as creative and psychological abilities of every individual. Besides, it also includes methodology, philosophy and theory which are primarily required for reporting highly important decisions in a righteous manner. I would like to describe in detail about decision making classification in terms of art and science. As an art: Improving individual’s performance is the key to master the art of decision making as it is a specific skill which is received, sharpened and mastered by an individual. In practical terms, every individual can check or examine mistakes that have been significantly made in the past when they completely understand the basic and important elements of a clever and smooth decision. On the other hand, every individual can make the best choices for decisions to get better outputs/results when they know the hidden or unexpressed constituents of social and economic elements that majorly influence decision making. As a science: According to science, to attain the possible outcomes few logical steps should be required for decision making, they are; - Objectives which need to be classified and placed in terms of order importance, should be fixed or established firstly. - Secondly, alternative actions that are evaluated against all the objectives should be implemented

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