Decision Making : Design Tools For Your Aunties

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Decision-making: renewed interest in intuitive decision making
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In this paper the potential of intuitive decision making is investigated. In the recent years there’s been a renewed interest in this approach. For a long time, rational decision making was the main approach in the business world. But now people are looking into intuition and how they can use it to make decisions on management level.
By examining the use of intuition in the business world, this paper uncovers it’s the benefits and the pitfalls. It describes how people can train their intuition and how to apply it. Afterwards, there’s a discussion on how people can use this information in their personal life. In the end, we conclude that intuition is beneficial in the decision making process and that we should leave room for it if we make a toolkit for everyday people to help them with decisions.
decision-making, intuition, rational, management, unconscious process
People make decisions every day, some bigger than others. Most are decided quite quickly, like deciding if you want a coffee or not. But when we’re faced with a difficult decision, like deciding what to study, choosing your career path or picking out a place to live, we tend to get stuck in all the possibilities and don’t know what to choose. Some people try to approach this in a rational way, like writing down all the possibilities and their pro’s and con’s and…
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