Decision Making Exercise For Fatigue

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Week #3 Decision Making Exercise Throughout our daily routines and task we all have times when we become overwhelmed and fatigued. These decisions are usually affected due to fatigue as mentioned in the article written by John Tirony (NYT, Aug. 17,2011). This is caused from not having the amount of time dedicated to the decisions we have to make. When we have fatigue set in on the choices we have to make whether it be from lack of sleep or other causes we tend to make wasteful choices. In order to make the best decision in almost all scenarios we need to make sure that we have taken all of the steps necessary to complete the process with good judgement. These challenges tend to come for me when it is later in the days when I have exhausted all of my energy throughout the day with so many decisions and become anxious to get everything finished. This never allows me to make the best choices no matter what the situation and could always use some time to reflect on what are the true deciding factors. When I feel that I have to make a decision and believe that some form of fatigue is setting in, I need to take the time to meditate, pray and ask for assistance in the process of my decision. I will make sure that the more important decisions and task that require more thinking and time need to be addressed first rather than letting them fall so late in the day. This is when I will have to require myself to have a better timeline of task to be performed for the days in order to

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