Decision Making

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Ques: What are the reason why two perfect individual are never two perfect couples. with the 7 decision making process solve the problem. The 7 decision making processes are: 1. Define the problem
2. Identify limiting factors
3. Develop potential alternatives
4. Analyze the alternatives
5. Select the best alternatives
6. Implement the decision
7. Establish a control and evaluation system

A perfect marriage may be an illusion although the people involve may be perfect individual in their own right. This situation may arise because the two may be considered as two different captains who have now come together to pilot a ship. Each comes on board with their own ideology and conceptions; as such differences are
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The willingness on the part of both parties to accept that there is a problem c.
If the parties do not consent to arriving at a solution no head way will be made in resolving the issue.

Develop potential alternatives
The next step requires that the woman considers the potential alternatives available to her in resolving the problem. Options available may be varied. They may include:

1. Courage to bring to the notice of the husband her feelings

2. Discuss the problem with a friend of the husband

3. Bring the problem to the notice of the senior minister of the gospel whom the husband respects so much.

4. Make the parents of the husband aware of the situation

5. Seek the help of a professional counselor

Analyze the alternatives
A good analysis of the alternatives or option available has a corresponding result in arriving at a solution. The aim is to find answers to the problem. The problem at hand for example involves two different individual. To select the best way to resolve the issue, it is important the wife acknowledges the nature of the husband. How well will he respond it a third party is brought in to help resolve the problem? For instance, if the man has develop an attitude of ignoring in woman in the house, approaching him to talk about the issue will not be the best solution. However if he is the type that show regardless of his arrogant nature shows respect to the elderly then consulting a senior

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