Decision Making For An Italian Restaurant On Long Island And Is Thriving

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Decision-making is the act of choosing one alternative from among the set of alternatives. The decision-making process is recognising and defining the nature of decision situation, identifying alternatives, choosing the best alternative, and putting it into practice. (Griffin R, 2012). Decision making process also helps businesses allocate scarce resources by individuals or groups to achieve goals under conditions of uncertainty and risk. Sometimes, groups choose better decisions than individuals. It is important to realise that effectiveness of decision is different than ease of decision. Once goal has been established, managers could adopt the classical model or the rational decision making model. There is also a risk of uncertainty which states that the manager does not know all the possible alternatives and their possible consequences. In this issue, rational decision making is used.


There is an Italian restaurant on Long Island and is thriving. The owner aspires to open this restaurant in another location. The owner will apply the decision-making model to determine the underlying factors and assess the results. Recognising and defining the situation was that a new restaurant should be opened at a new location due to their success rate. Selecting a restaurant is the key aspect of success since it needs to be readily available to the public, inside shopping centers or in the food court (James, Walker, and Etzel, 1975; McGuire, 1993; Powers, 1997; Hsu and Powers,
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