Decision Making Guidelines For Dairy Milk

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Decision Making Guidelines • Detail the problem where a decision is requires- The dairy industry claims that consumers are being misled into thinking that the non-dairy beverages have the same nutritional value as dairy milk. • Identify the root cause of the problem-the cause of the problem is that both dairy products and non-dairy beverages are labeled as “milk”. This raises the question if non-dairy beverages are being misleading because they say the word “milk”. • Determine whether additional research is required- additional research could just improve the point and help with the situation. For instance consumer feedback would be one of the best ways to prove that the consumers aren’t being misled. • Specify what causes can be addressed- Does non-dairy beverages have the same nutritional value as dairy milk? Is non-dairy milk really healthier than dairy products? Is labeling non-dairy beverages “milk” misleading? All these questions can be addressed. • Develop possible solutions or ideas to address the problem/opportunity-Numerous possible solutions and ideas to address the problems are outlines in the upcoming pages. Initiatives The following PR initiatives that should be taken include; business to business communication, Media relations and community relations. These are PR initiative that can be taken by many of the stakeholder groups. These initiatives have a timeline of twelve months. Business to Business Communication between the non-dairy producers and even the

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