Decision Making Methods Among Senior Leaders

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This paper will illustrate how various decision making methods amongst several senior leaders in my organization has stalled progress on an enterprise level project. Some leaders are keeping their options open, while others are simply not making a decision at all. This indecisiveness has created confusion and discouragement amongst subordinate units. The two themes that I plan on expanding upon in order to show how progress can be accelerated are autonomy and task significance. The issue at hand is not a result of ignorance or lack of commitment. Past experiences from differentiating backgrounds amongst the senior leaders has manifested into group thinking and therefore inhibited their ability to make a decision moving forward. The proper application of autonomy bestowed upon the action officers working the project, and a mutually accepted baseline for the overall task significance will ensure project success. This will establish clear guidance moving forward, achievable goals and re-establish trust from the tactical level up. As an officer, we have always be told when you are in command, command. The worst thing you can do as a leader is fail to make a decision. Even if it is a bad decision, never fail to make a call. There are several models in place to help facilitate making good decisions however, it is essential not to be bogged down from information overload. It is vital that a leader clearly defines the objective, empowers his or her
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