Decision-Making Model Analysis: 7-Step Decision-Making Model Essay

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Decision-Making Model Analysis: 7-Step Decision-Making Process
Decision making is defined as "the cognitive process leading to the selection of a course of action among alternatives" (Decision Making, 2006, para. 1). Decisions are made continually throughout our day.
For the most part, our decision-making processes are either sub-conscious or made fairly quickly due to the nature of the decision before us. Most of us don't spend much time deciding what to have for lunch, what to wear, or what to watch on television. For other, more complex decisions, we need to spend more time and analyze the elements of the decision and potential consequences. To assist with this, many people employ the use of a decision-making model. Utilizing a
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To be named the executive director of an organization as a 31 year old female would truly be an achievement. Another part of me greatly values the work arrangement that I have because of the flexibility to spend time with my family, still be fulfilled by a career, and not have guilt about either. The new position requires more hours and responsibility, but it also provides more pay, which would make my family more comfortable financially. Ultimately, I have to use my critical thinking skills to examine this conflict in my values and decide for myself what I value most, extreme career achievement, money and prestige, or the ability to be available for my family.
Step Three: Identify Your Options In my case, there seems to be only two options, take the new position, or stay with Junior Achievement. One could argue that there are limitless other options such as quitting my job to stay home with my children full time, but I chose to use my critical thinking skills to narrow the available options to the two listed above.
Step Four: Gather Information and Data This is an important step, and critical thinking comes into play in a large way when gathering information. In my case, I used several sources to gather the data to help me make the decision. I spoke with my current supervisor, I asked questions of the new organization regarding their expectations, the hours required, travel, and benefits. I spoke to my husband to hear his opinion and information regarding

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