Decision-Making Model Essay

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Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper

     Throughout this paper, the values of the Six Thinking Hats will be discussed and the meanings behind the Six Hats. Six Thinking Hats’ is “used to look at decisions from a number of important perspectives. This forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and helps you to get a more rounded view of a situation (de Bono, 1985)”. There are five values behind the Six Thinking Hats. They are role-playing, attention direction, convenience, possible basis in brain chemistry, and rules of the game. Decision-making can be difficult, but these are decisions that are made after all the information has been provided beforehand.
White Hat
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The yellow hat is concerned with positive feedback. Yellow hat is concerned with making things happen. It covers a positive spectrum that ranges from the logical and practical at one end to dreams, visions and hopes at the other end.
Green Hat
     ”Green hat is grass, vegetation and abundant, fertile growth. The green hat indicates creativity and new ideas (de Bono, 1985)”. With the green hat there is a need to go beyond the known and the obvious and the satisfactory. The green hat thinking seeks to move forward from an idea in order to reach a new idea. The word provocation is used to take us out of the usual patterns of thinking. With the creative pause the green hat thinker pauses at any given point to consider whether there might be alternative ideas at that point.
Blue Hat
     ”Blue hat is cool, and it is also the color of the sky, which is above everything else. The blue hat is concerned with control and the organization of the thinking process. Also the use of the other hats (de Bono, 1985)”. The blue hat is like the conductor of the orchestra. The blue hat calls for the use of the other hats. The blue hat sets the focus, defines the problem and shapes the questions. Blue hats are also responsible for summaries, overviews and conclusions. Even though the blue hat role is assigned to one person, it is still open to anyone to offer comments and suggestions.

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