Decision Making Models Of A Model

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Decision making models come in countless arrangements and complexities. In gathering examples of existing models, I understood the significance of personalizing a model to my own preferences and use. A tailored decision model creates an opportunity to provide a distinct structure that promises greater success in using it on a daily basis for myriad types of decisions, both small and large.
The model I configured comprises six stages in the process. I chose to begin my model with the task of recognizing the problem or opportunity. Next, it is time to think about the problem or opportunity and to answer a few questions about the information at hand, what other questions I need to ask, and how am I framing the problem or opportunity. Once this information is gathered, then I move on to the plan. In this phase, I need to confirm the timeframe for the decision, short-term or long-term as well as formulate and evaluate my options. My progress through the model takes me to the fundamental step of the act, choosing the best option and making the decision. I resolved that I didn’t want to end the process at the decision, but determined that it was advantageous to know if the decision achieved the desired outcome and did I follow the process as outlined. The sixth and final step is a simple reminder for me to continue to repeat the decision making process. A diagram of the model is presented below. Application of the Decision Model
The starting point in my decision model…

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