Decision Making Regarding Is / It Decisions

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stened to my stories that have demonstrated various concepts in decision-making regarding IS/IT decisions. Now, I want you to tell me your story. I want you to pretend that it is 2029 and you are finally getting the chance to start up your own company. BRIEFLY tell me about the business: the industry, the number of employees, and what service or product you will offer. Will your company be privately held or will it be publicly traded? If private right now, do you anticipate ever going public or working with any kind of government contracts? (Only 2-3 sentences here please.) My company will be in the online reputation management industry. I believe that it won’t be long before robots are learning about human behavior from intelligent data like hers. I think it will be normal for folks to sell their personal data. By 2029, with all the services that will be out there that generate and store data on people I believe there will be something of an outcry, with citizens reclaiming ownership of their data. Faced with global popular pressure, service providers will offer a certain premium customers ability to resell their data. As a result specialist data brokers will be springing up all over the world. I would like to start a company that offers identity and reputation management service as a data broker, which takes commission every time someone transfers 1 Gigabyte (GB). In return the person will get micro-credits, which can be used at most retailers. This company will manage
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