Decision Making; Solvay Group: International Mobility and Managing Expatriates

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Decision Making; Solvay Group: International Mobility and Managing Expatriates

Decision making with other members in organization is very important because every action needed decision making, planning a business, managing performances, care the employee and customers, every time every actions based on decision making. Then, how can we make a good decision?

Rational choice paradigm

Decision making is the conscious process of making choices among alternatives with the intention of moving toward some desired state of affairs. The ultimate principle of the rational choice paradigm is to choose the alternative with the highest subjective expected utility. And we can use the rational choice decision making process that there’s six
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In the sense of business, organizations should only do what : 1) can be great at,
2) can make money at and
3) have a passion for doing it.
So from this point of view, the Pharmaceutical was a risk taking business since there is no signal of any of those above factors in decision to entrance. * Even though, this decision was made only after almost 20 years. It is definitely that there were some reasons : 1) Self-justification 2) Prospect theory 3) Perceptual blinders 4) Closing Costs and I would like to add one more to this theory :
5) Maybe the Pharmaceutical business itself was not that bad, or even pretty good to get rid of it.

Emotional Influences on Expat Process
Expat Process is not simple. An employee will encounter totally different environment work place and he/her personal life. Therefore a company needs to too consider many things. In order to help the process, Solvay Group has the talent roundtables. The talent roundtables are used to identify talented employees based on employee ability, engagement and aspiration. It is useful, however, Andre Petitjean, director, Research & Technology, VCM & PVC, said that he cannot rely on only the talent roundtables. He thinks that he has to have contact with people to get the human details that are so important in assessing their potentials. The reason is that data doesn't provide everything he wants; he has to check what he cannot

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