Decision Making Sometimes Can Be Very Complicated For Me

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Jerome Thomas MLA Style September 27, 2015
Ethical Analysis Paper
Decision making sometimes can be very complicated for me. I have been told that I think too much when it comes to making a simple decision. For me I need to analyze what can and will happen about many choices I make in life. Sometimes it takes me a long time to come up with a solution and it drives some people crazy. I can’t help it I need to really think about what may happen if I choose wrongly. How will my decision affect me and others? I work with impressionable students and they look up to me for advice and assistance. I have to constantly listen intently to other people with my job to make sure I understand the problem or issue. With my position I must use ethical perspectives to solve every day problems with my students / clients. Before I can suggest anything I must thoroughly understand what is at risk. Then I must choose my words accordingly so that they can maximize the best results from our conversations.
My decision process leans more towards the teleological perspective. Thinking about the consequences based on my decisions is what I do every day. Because I am a conscious thinker at work, some of my coworkers get a little frustrated with my process to resolve an issue. If I rush into a decision without thinking about the end results it could be harmful to others. Especially in my career with working with students. If I just rush into making decisions very quickly that could
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