Decision Making Style

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1. What are your highest and lowest rated styles? My highest style for decision-making is Directive, where I have low tolerance for ambiguity but I am efficient, rational, and logical in the way I think. I am focused on short term and quick to make decisions with minimal information and not carefully analyzing other alternatives. My lowest style would be behavioral, where someone with this style will work well with others, are open to suggestions, and are concerned about the achievements of their team. They generally try to avoid conflict and place importance on their acceptance by others. Which as me I do not care really to be accepted by others, I want my work done fast and right the first time. I have always been told “Why do anything…show more content…
I personally had to make a quick decision to take a game system out of lay-a-way from the back to make her happy, since out number one rule and main rule that matters is “Make the Customer HAPPY”. Another way I am a directive decision maker is by that at my other job at The Big E in Gaffney, SC I have to make quick and rational decisions on how a birthday party flow is going. The last time we had a birthday party that we had a problem was when a new employee wrote down the date for a birthday party for a date that was not open for parties due to that was the day we had a bowling completion, which this is a problem since for a birthday party they pay for a private event in the bowling alley area and the play gym area along with so many dollars in electronic games on the game floor. Where at this time they came in to get set up and they were denied access to the bowling alley. Which of course this was the day that I was off and had to be called in to fix this problem. When I got the call I just let them know that they could start in the private party room and play gym area and I would be there soon. When I got there I had a whole open
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