Decision Making Thesis

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* Sample: The sample is limited to a small proportion of working professionals in Western Sydney and may not accurately reflect the population of working professionals. 2.0 Literature Review “It is only in our decisions that we are important” -Jean-Paul Sartre Before commencing a discussion on this quote it may be beneficial to gain an understanding of the key words or concepts suggested by it. Firstly, the two key words are ‘Decisions’ and ‘Important’. A decision can be said to be an “opinion, position or judgement reached after consideration”1. Important is defined as “Of great significance or value and strongly affecting the course of events or the nature of things; significant”2 and this is exactly the message Sartre is trying to convey. Our decisions can shape the course of our lives for the better or the worse so the decisions we make about the paths we choose in life can determine the state of our existence and define who we are as human beings and ultimately give us a sense of achievement or loss. A decision is a judgement reached after “consideration” that is, ‘why’ do we make the decisions we make. It is important to understand this process of decision making and various cognitive theories have helped us do this. Jean Paul Sartre was a existentialist philosopher who like other such philosophers, attempted to characterise man by his will, choices and decisions he makes
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