Decision Making Within The Organization

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First and foremost, stakeholders are individuals that have an interest or even influence of decision making within the organization. Stakeholders along with elected officials, organizations, and special interest groups are valued based on their contributions and connections. In comparison amongst all organizations, healthcare stakeholders play a key integral part because of regulations. Health care is highly regulated and policy driven and the right personnel in your corner can go a long way. Many healthcare stakeholders are involved in the development of policy and have key capital connections to promote and deny potential health care business altering regulations. They provide the funds which give organizations power to promote and push their policies through legislatures. The funds that they provide can also be utilized to defund conflicting policies. The main goal for stakeholders is profitability, more profit is equivalent to more power. Aligned with profitability stakeholders invest in productivity that yields the most profitability. Unfortunately, the influence that stakeholders have on policy making can be directly related to money, they continue to hold great power in the process because all promoted policies need a beneficiary. Financial Standing The last 5 years Kindred has been blasted with many highs and lows due to the revolving healthcare industry. The last 2 years Kindred has reported losses in some quarters due to various reasons. The
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