Decision Making in Health Care Organizations

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5 Variations in Decision Making Process 5 The Challenge of Team Decisions 6 Making High Quality Decisions 6 Health Care Leaders and Decision Making 7 Problems of Health Care Leaders and Decision Making in a Team 7 Impact on Different Departments 7 Manager's Dominion of Authority 8 Safety of Patients 8 Management must be informed 8 Determine the Goals 9 Avoid Assumptions 9 The Role of the Health Care Team 9 Goals Surrounded by Uncertainty 10 Team Centered Leadership 1 Participative Leadership 10 Servant Leadership 11 Transformational Leadership 11 Leader Centered Approach 11 Authoritarian Leadership 11 Transactional Leadership 11 Charismatic Leadership 11 Difference between Team Centered Leadership and Leader Centered Approach 11 References 13
The paper highlights the significance of the role of the team in a health care organization in decision making process. It also points out several factors that can cause hindrance in the making of any decision by the management which involves the participation of the whole team. All the necessary changes that need to be made to implement a decision in a team efficiently…
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