Decision-Making within the Healthcare Industry: The Importance of Individual Ethics

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One of the main reasons for that is because often ethical dilemmas occur at lower decision-making levels, and this means that the decision is being made by one person, facing a difficult situation that must be resolved quickly. Another reason that individual ethics are important in health care is that often a manager is unaware that there is an ethical dilemma. Thus, by failing to recognize the ethical dilemma, the manager is resolving the dilemma by his or her actions without realizing that an ethical decision is being made (Mintz, 2011). This very much puts the individual's ethical compass at the center of the decision, because the default decision is the one that is being made, regardless of the ethical implications. If the person is generally ethical, the decision will probably be the right one; if the person lacks ethical standards, the decision could be very poor as result.

Interestingly, the ACHE self-assessment provides very little insight into ethical decision-making. Ethical decision-making requires a situation where a person would have moral reasons to undertake two different courses of action, but it is not possible to do both (McConnell, 2010). The self-assessment barely touches on dilemmas of this nature. One example it does provide is "I promote board discussion of resource allocation issues, particularly those where organizational and community interests may appear to be…
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