Decision Methods -- SDLC Essay

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Great ideas turn into action by first creating a plan of action. There are many decision-making methods than can be used. The SDLC is an excellent way to implement a plan and help make decisions. Brainstorming and using other decision-making tools can also help an idea to grow into action. There are a lot of ways to end an excellent plan. Poor decision making skills and mismanagement can destroy any hopes of a plan reaching its goal. This was true in our scenario. The problem with the employees being in the wrong training class is a good example of a great idea being halted. The remarkable idea to have the business officers decide which classes their employees needed did not work because they were not aware of what the classes offered. Nor…show more content…
2)We should also find out who needs what without the assumption of what you think they need. 3)Also needed is relevant data gathering specific to the questions and project needs. 4)Making sure the training courses contain information that is relevant to workers needs. 5)Revising evaluation questions and plans as project conditions change. As time goes on, make sure any important changes that arise are updated in the training materials. Knowing what resources are available/ needed for evaluation. Understanding the existing capacity of the implementation. Why is the new system being introduced and what can be done in the new system? Realizing the capabilities and limitations of existing technologies. Knowing that the software (SAP) is limited in what it will do based on user input.

The process of undergoing an evaluation can, for example, build shared meaning and understanding, support and enhance the program (by building evaluation-based data collection and analysis into the program design); and/or support human and organizational development by training staff in new skills. A well thought-out evaluation will provide benefits no matter what the results are. By the simple virtue of being well thought- out, the evaluation will provide program staff an opportunity to learn, and to teach.

Through the implementation of the SAP, it is assumed that overall productivity will increase. Adequate job training has become essential for production. With ever changing
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