Decision Support Systems

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Introduction The outcome of a situation can sometimes be determined by the choices that have been made. Decisions are made by individuals based on the surrounding factors. The type of jobs or where one resides are some of the decisions that are made. In addition, one can be faced with problems that he or she must resolve in order to learn from it. In the business world decisions are made based on the given factors that are presented. Organizations can use the assistance of a decision support system to help facilitate with the decision making. Mesa’s Foundation Trust Mesa’s Foundation Trust (MFT) is a medical provider that provides services to patients. MFT wants to reduce the amount of resources that were provider by several other…show more content…
Artificial intelligence of the system can be utilized to make quick decisions (Turban, Sharda, & Delen, 2011). A patient may have visit one facility, but next time visits another facility. The patient records must be accessible, while still maintain all federal regulations to obtain the information. The decision to admit a patient to the hospital can be assigned based on that information (Schmidt, Geisler, & Spreckelsen, 2013). The decision support system using structured information can be determine the cost of the treatment. This information can vary on some medical cost based on contract costs with the medical provider. The decision support system can also assist MFT with the operational costs. The system can have modifying capabilities to adjust with the times. This helps the administrators of the medical facilities make quicker decisions that are more accurate. The system can also provide feedback that those pulling the data can resolve problems and learn from it (Wu, Lin, & Tsai, 2002). A clinical decision support system is ideal for hospitals and medical facilities. Clinical decision support systems help with the decision making is the management aspect. If the hospital or facility did not have an effective DSS the daily operation and strategic management decisions can be impacted. The proper ordering of medical supplies can become an oversight (Medtechmedia, 2013). Management can create reports and dashboards that provide real-time data.
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