Decision Support Systems For Aide

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Today’s leaders have many choices when it comes to the use of decision support systems to aide in information reduction to make informed decisions. Of the many tools available, two in particular are useful in the presence of excessive information. The Pugh Matrix which can be used to consolidate information and show the relative difference in measurement criteria among different candidate choices. The decision tree is a useful tool for making decisions when there are layered decisions that must be made to reach a final result.
The Pugh Matrix is a decision support system that uses a matrix like representation of the decision to be informed. It uses rows to represent the measurement criteria and columns to represent the candidate choices. “Although specifically developed by Stuart Pugh to help in selecting between a number of design alternatives, the tools has in recent years be used a general purpose decision making aid because of its ease of use.” [4] As described by Dr. Stuart Burge, in “The Systems Engineering Toolbox”, the development of a Pugh Matrix can be described in a six step process. With Step 1 being the identification and clear definition of the criteria for selection. While Dr. Burge recommends adding weighting to the criteria in step 6 when there is no clear winner, it is recommended that weighting criteria be established in this step to prevent the weights from being affected by the scoring of candidate choices. Step 2 is the selection of one candidate choice…
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