Decision Systems And Human Computer Interaction Essay

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On a warm evening after a busy day at the office, I fired up my Laptop to search “Big Bang Theory”, to learn further about the famous theory. However, all my search results were related to the sitcom. This was astonishing, nevertheless, I checked the next page, the page after that, and so on. Surprisingly, not even a single result pertaining to the intended scientific theory existed in the search result. Only after appending the term ‘science’ I arrived at the expected result. This made me ponder about underlying intelligent systems at play, including the possible reasons for search engine’s failure to present the expected results. This incident was phenomenal in transforming my way of thinking about recommendation systems and Human-Computer Interaction.
During my senior year (B.E), my focus was mainly towards studying software development and Intelligence in electrical systems (Smart systems). My accomplished projects involved Integrated Smart Meters alongside Schneider Electric and High Voltage Breakdown Automation sponsored by National Instruments which seamlessly implemented Internet of Things. Both projects demanded learning new programming suites as languages such as JAVA and LabVIEW. The more I worked on smart systems, the more curious I was about Intelligence systems and their interaction with humans.
With the help of an online course from Stanford on Artificial Intelligence systems, I executed my first code on AI. When IBM conducted a national level programming

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