Decision for My Future Life

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One cold night, my parents told me to pass application forms to universities, but I still haven’t decided about what I really want for college. That same night, I thought to pursue my childhood dream, which is to be a doctor, but I know for a fact that I’m not that good in science. Eventually, I considered other subjects and remembered that I always had a thing for mathematics. So, I came to a conclusion that I would pursue a science course for my first choice and a math course for my second choice.
A week passed and as my annoyingly fat, dark brother invaded my room, he handed me application forms from UP, UST, and FEU-NRMF.
“Why these three?” I asked him ignorantly.
“Why these you ask? Because these are excellent and renowned universities in line with med and math. Also, because Dad said. So, you know he has a high standard, right? So better pass UPCAT. It should be on your top priority,” he said seriously with his never been serious face.
After that, I filled out my application forms. But then again, I doubt on what I should write in my course choices. “What if someday I’ll realize that this course is not the right one for me?” “Would I regret this?” “Will I be happy with this?” These kinds of questions came into my mind. Despite my doubts, I wrote it; biology, and math and/or accountancy.
As when I completed the needed requirements,…
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