Decision in Verizon Communications Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission

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In the United States Supreme Court case Verizon Communications Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission, Verizon Communications argued that it was wrong and unreasonable for the Federal Communications Commission to regulate and set leasing rates for networks. Ultimately, the January 14th decision held that the Federal Communications Commission can indeed set rates charged by the service provider for leased elements that are completely unbound from the provider's investment. Also the Federal Communications Commission can also require service provider's to combine certain elements of their networks at the request of the customer or user. However, in regards to network neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission does not have the…show more content…
An incumbent local exchange carrier shall provide such unbundled network elements in a manner that allows requesting carriers to combine such elements in order to provide such telecommunications service."
So regardless of the investment on the carries part they cannot discriminate against users and must provide equal access to network elements. However, what network providers choose to do with said elements is an entirely different story. So what are the implications of all of this? Well, for us lay folk, the court case tackled three other important issues . First, should network provider be able to block user access to any lawful edge provider like Netflix of YouTube? This is significant because many network providers would love to throttle customer use of these taxing broadband sponges. For example, I have family in a foreign country and by some means my network provider gains the knowledge that I contact them over Skype everyday. Since they have a vested interest in not letting me consume such a large portion of the broadband network for what I pay; they would want to slow down my connection with that edge provider. Second, can the reverse happen? In other words, can network providers scheme with edge providers to cut any special deals that would allow them to sell faster connection to those specific providers for more money? Lastly, are all network providers required to disclose how they manage online traffic? Basically, can we keep our network providers
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