Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb: By Jason Chamberlin Essay

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Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb: By Jason Chamberlin The atomic bomb was one of the most impacting event of the 20th century. It forever changed the way that people looked at war. For the first time, the human race possed the ability to destroy on a massive scale, and they actually got to see how they could do it during the second World War. It was a decision that the president, Harry Truman, had to think and decide very carefully on what exactly he wanted to do. Never in the history of war has anyone had the power that now existed within the United States of America. With a single decision, the President struck fear in the people of other nations. It was an exclamation point that stated how powerful a nation that America now is.…show more content…
Through testing and many secret meetings, President Truman gave the final order to use it. The title that was given to the creation of the atomic bomb was the Manhattan Project. This was the name that was given to ensure that the bomb be kept a secret. Some of the people that were working on it did not even realize what they were doing. The project was worked on all over the country, making it even more of a mystery as to what the Untied Sates was doing.2 The Target Committee was made up to watch over the project and discuss areas of concern with it. They were the ones that would report to different military officials in order to keep the President informed. In meetings at Dr. Oppenheimer’s office in Los Alamos, topics such as status of targets and rehearsals of the bomb were discussed.3 The Target committee tried to cover all areas of the bomb in order to make sure everything went perfect. This is where the actual information started in order to plan out each and every step leading up to dropping the bomb. The information was crucial to the whole project. There would be no way that the President would order the bomb to be dropped unless they had it working perfect. Dr. Oppenhiemer was the main scientist that would be in direct contact with General Groves. The general would then inform the President.4 On Monday July 2nd, 1945, General Groves called Dr. Oppenheimer to discuss testing the bomb itself. In there phone conversation

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