Declaration Of Independents

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Signing of the Declaration of Independents.
I think that the signing of the Declaration of Independents is the most famous and well known events in history. It captures all that they wanted to accomplish as a nation into one, they were declaring their freedom. Through the hard working years, that is all they wanted was freedom from the British and to become their own independent country. The signatures were marking and stating that we are independent and we are all in this together and there is nothing you can do to stop us. I believe that the signing of the Declaration of Independents was the most important event in US history.

On September 11, 2001 is a very known and sad date for every american. On this day four different terrorist planes hit the largest buildings, the twin towers were 50,000 people work. When this happened everybody had to not become selfish and needed to help one another. After this took place many people died and were
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He talked about many different things during this speech. The things most remembered or classified as the most important was jobs, racism and freedom. This is the most important speech ever in United States history. Because the way it made the people open their eyes and really believe and act on what he is talking about. He used many details and examples to exclaim that he is right and that every person should have an opportunity to shine and to show that they are just like everyone else and color of skin should not matter. Everyone was so impressed and happy with the way he used his words with confidence yet also was straight to the point. After this speech affected many lives and ways people lives, more adventurous. By just one speech would have affected the history of those individual speeches so much and have an effect on not just him but on everyone around him and for the history of the United
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